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Mind your business

Drain Doctor prices its jobs before work starts according to a national pricing menu.

This story in The Guardian is a timely reminder to make sure that your tax affairs are up to date. David Gauke, the exchequer secretary to the Treasury, is waging war on the ‘hidden economy’.

At Drain Doctor we maintain fixed prices and no overtime is charged for evening, weekend or bank holiday emergencies and there are no call-out charges. Every job is priced before work starts, working to a national pricing menu.

We are truly on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service requests are handled quickly and efficiently and prices are agreed before the job is done, so there are no surprises. Our constant aim is to give superb and specialised service.

Drain Doctor customers can rest assured that if they are unfortunate enough to suffer a plumbing emergency over the August Bank Holiday weekend, Drain Doctor will not charge any more than at any other time of year.

The central principle is to deliver dazzling levels of service in a market plagued by cowboy operators who are overcharging customers for shoddy workmanship. Not only that, the cowboys often request cash-in-hand payments which can cause problems for the reputation of the industry as a whole.


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Plumbers’ arrest is a timely reminder

The recent news that five plumbers have been arrested as a result of investigations into unpaid tax by HM Revnue and Customs (HMRC) should serve as a timely reminder to franchisees to follow the Drain Doctor system.

In a disclosure campaign targetting 50,000 people in the UK HMRC sent a general warning that those who failed to pay what they owed in taxes faced big fines. Those who came forward were fined up to 20 per cent of their owed tax.

Those who have not come forward but are suspected of tax avoidance are being targetted by the HMRC for arrest.

So, it is vital that franchisees’ tax affairs are up to date to avoid any problems.

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