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Another plumbing hero


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Here’s another heartwarming story about a plumber coming to the rescue – this time tackling a knife-wielding thug to rescue a family under attack.

This story comes from Australia. Last week we reported on a  plumber from Texas defeating a burglar.

So where are our British plumbing heroes? Come on guys (and girls) – let’s have your stories of Drain Doctor derring-do.


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Plumber shoots at intruder

Texas Flag

Image by Houstonian via Flickr

Texas has a reputation for breeding rough, tough folk. The ‘Lone Star’ state is chock-a-block with oilmen, ranchers, Texas Rangers and cowboys. Even the plumbers carry six shooters it seems.

We recently came across this story from the United States about the owner of a Texas plumbing business who faced a robber on his premises. According to The Star Telegram, the plumber wrestled with the intruder before shooting at him. The robber fled empty-handed before police arrived on the scene.

Thankfully, armed robbery is relatvely rare here.  UK gun laws prevent people from carrying firearms, but  it is good sense to be aware of the potential risk of robbery and to take reasonable precautions to safeguard your safety and that of your technicians and staff.


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