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Plumber saves Christmas

Santa Claus with a little girl

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A poet at our sister company in the USA – Mr Rooter – has written the following which appears on the Mrs Rooter blog.

We thought we would share it with you this Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve it was Snowing

The weather was cold

But Santa and his reindeer

Continued on so bold


The clickety-clack of the reindeer paws

And the ho-ho-ho of dear Santa Claus

 He sprang to the chimney in less than a dash

And landed below with a terrible splash

 The chimney you see to Santa’s amazement

Went to the fireplace down in the basement

 The sewer was blocked and all he could see

Was two feet of water and floating “uch”

 Santa thought he was finished

He’d not get to his sled

When a shadow appeared

Top of the stairs dead ahead

 The bangety-bang-bang of a sewer machine

As it came down the steps for the sewer to clean

 Santa then smiled cause in the dim light

Mr. Rooter was there to deliver his plight

 Merry Christmas said he

And Santa replied

If it wasn’t for you

Christmas could’ve been done

The basement was clean in less than an hour

Santa went up to catch a quick shower

 Mr. Rooter was gone by the time Santa was done

But he swore to his reindeer he’d tell everyone


Mr. Rooter saved Christmas Santa said with a blink

HO-HO-HO don’t you know they’re “Quick as a Wink”.


Don’t forget, if you need a plumber today or tomorrow (or at any time over the holiday period) you can call Drain Doctor on 0800 70 71 72. There are no call-out charges and no extra costs for holiday working.


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Thanksgiving turkeys cause American plumbing problems

Garbage, or food waste disposal from above

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Thanksgiving Day in the USA, the fourth Thursday in November, is a holiday for most Americans – but one of the busiest days of the year for Mr Rooter, Drain Doctor’s equivalent plumbing and drainage company in the USA.

The reason? Too much food and turkey fat going down the drain and the garbage disposal systems of American kitchens.

The  Mrs Rooter blog gives some good advice to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems. Although USA-style garbage disposal units are rare in the UK, the advice about not putting fat and grease down the drain is good advice on either side of the Atlantic.

Of course, over here it is Christmas rather than Thanksgiving that is the big holiday – and the big day for eating turkey. Mrs Rooter’s Thanksgiving advice is just as valid on 25 December, however.

Drain Doctor does not charge extra for turning out on Christmas Day (or at any other time) but your Christmas will surely be more enjoyable if you do not need to ring us!

If you do need us, though, just call 0800 70 71 72.


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Poison lead in New York water

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

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Recent news stories about lead in New York tap water prompted me to write this article for the blog about the situation with lead in water supplies in the UK.

Lead is a poison. Those at particular risk are infants and children because lead can have an adverse impact on mental development.

The use of lead pipes in plumbing has been illegal in the UK since 1970s and the use of lead-based solder for joining pipes is also against the law. However, older properties may still have lead plumbing in the house or, even more likely, in the underground pipework connecting the property to the mains.

The UK Drinking Water Inspectorate publishes advice for householders on lead in water. It suggests that if you are concerned about the possibility that lead is used in the plumbing in your home you should get a qualified plumber to check your piping.

Your local Drain Doctor will be happy to take a look for you – call 0800 358 68 98 or visit the website.

If you do have lead pipes you can get your water company to check if there is lead in the water coming from your taps. As a precaution until you can get lead pipes replaced, you should run the tap for 30 seconds or so before using water for drinking or cooking. Water ‘standing’ in pipes for a long period has an opportunity to absorb lead – water running swiftly through the pipes has little chance to do so and is therefore much less likely to be contaminated.

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Plumber shoots at intruder

Texas Flag

Image by Houstonian via Flickr

Texas has a reputation for breeding rough, tough folk. The ‘Lone Star’ state is chock-a-block with oilmen, ranchers, Texas Rangers and cowboys. Even the plumbers carry six shooters it seems.

We recently came across this story from the United States about the owner of a Texas plumbing business who faced a robber on his premises. According to The Star Telegram, the plumber wrestled with the intruder before shooting at him. The robber fled empty-handed before police arrived on the scene.

Thankfully, armed robbery is relatvely rare here.  UK gun laws prevent people from carrying firearms, but  it is good sense to be aware of the potential risk of robbery and to take reasonable precautions to safeguard your safety and that of your technicians and staff.


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Sign of the times – updated

It is good to be able to report that the campaign to save the neon plumbing supplies sign that we reported on a few weeks ago has achieved success, according to local media reports in Michigan, USA.

 The Brenske Plumbing Supply Company’s  1950’s illuminated neon sign was so well-known that when its premises were redeveloped to become a pharmacy, the sign was rescued and put in a local museum. Now the museum says it has raised almost all the money needed to re-erect the sign and preserve it for future generations. Work is already under way to place the sign in its new home.

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